Welcome to riayi's little corner

Winter is ending. Hard choices were made. Regrets have been cast aside, and now one must struggle to leave the past behind. If it was all a dream, it was a beautiful mix of nightmare and lucid dreaming, but every dream ends, sooner or later. Today, I start researching on the subject of antibiotic research in order to further my postgraduate studies, and my family _will_ benefit from this, as will I. Winter is always coming, even as it leaves the land, but spring ever follows in its wake.

A while ago, I started a deviantart page because a lot of friends were doing it. It can be found at riayi.deviantart.com, and houses some four texts or so. Not very good, but I wrote them spontaneously, so it's food for psychoanalysis at least. Also linked are some of said friends, who updated at least some more times than I did.

I enjoy MUDs, and I currently play one called The Eternal Fantasy. It's rather nice IMHO, but then again it's not graphical at all and it has little in the form of bells and whistles. You can play it in a 386 PC if you find one of those, though. So, as you will probably need a few pointers, there is a place called tyrshelp where an experienced player, now an imm, has stored lots of useful knowledge. Mortshelp is, similarly, a place with a lot of info. Both are recommended.

While we wait for a mirror of TEF, I'd like to recommend Tim Burton's new flick. Sweeney Todd has a lot of blood, and Johnny Depp singing while killing folks, so it's a laugh that's well worth a movie ticket. A half-price movie ticket at the very least, seeing how it makes absolutely no sense that he refrains from killing his daughter after he killed his wife in a heartbeat. And now I've spoiled it for you.